Communities Lead, Communities Thrive is a coalition of smaller Colorado nonprofits who serve Black, Indigenous, Latino, Asian American and Pacific Islanders, LGBTQ+, and rural communities who have come together to ensure that our organizations and the communities we serve are not left behind as we strive for an equitable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Herman White

Board Chair, Park Hill Pirates

“The Pirates have always sought out to be more than a football & cheer organization. The pandemic, economic downturn, and social unrest from the George Floyd murder was an unfortunate opportunity for us to go beyond our traditional boundaries of support.  We had to significantly increase our capacity to serve and be creative in generating funding sources.  It was a challenge, but our families trusted us and needed us.  We have tripled down on our partnerships, provided basic need grants, and transformed our services to wrap around entire families.  We knew if our families weren’t whole, our student athletes wouldn’t stand a chance.  The task was daunting and strained our operations and resources, but we are a part of the Northeast Denver community, and as trusted leaders in times of crisis, it’s what we have and will continue to do.”

Ricardo Perez

Executive Director of the Hispanic Affairs Project

“As a member of the Hispanic immigrant community and the Executive Director of the Hispanic Affairs Project operating in rural Colorado, I know the many challenges small organizations faced as a result of the pandemic, especially those working with people of color. Many had to quickly shift focuses to accommodate their community’s needs including providing new services, hiring and retraining staff, and creating new infrastructure. As part of the Communities Lead Communities Thrive Coalition, we are fighting for resources for these nonprofits so they can continue doing their critical recovery work.”

Niko Stone

Boulder County Resident

“The COVID-19 pandemic has hit me hard. After 9 years of full time employment I found myself completely unemployed for most of a year.  I have lived the entirety of my life below the poverty line, but in 2020 for the first time in my life I was facing food insecurity, housing insecurity, and significant medical bills due to a car accident. Without the financial, mental health, and food support I recieved from nonprofits like Out Boulder County and We Don’t Waste, I would not have gotten through the worst of the pandemic.”

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